The Vision

Our vision with Nisha Btesh Living has always lived beyond product and print. We create because we believe beautiful design can change the world. But we know that it is not enough to simply own colorful things. To truly live colorfully one must dare to acknowledge those living in darkness and empower them to shine brightly as well. So we’re starting with 1% and encouraging you to purchase with purpose. 1% of all Nisha Btesh Living USA net product sales support community-based efforts to educate our youth, empower victims, & end domestic violence. We all know one — 1 mother, 1 co-worker, 1 sister, 1 aunt, 1 friend, — who may be among the 1 in every 4 women who will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. 1 is not a small number. When we address the wellbeing of just one in our community, we enrich the lives of both the recipient and the giver, creating positive change that designs a brighter future for us all.


La Casa de las Madres's Mission:

"The mission of La Casa de las Madres is to respond to calls for help from domestic violence victims, of all ages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We give survivors the tools to transform their lives. We seek to prevent future violence by educating the community and by redefining public perceptions about domestic violence."

How You Can Help:

Purchase with purpose and help us help those in need. For every product sold (this includes all products, no limitations), Nisha Btesh Living will contribute 1% of sales to La Casa de las Madres, a local organization working to empower women by providing access, tools and support—clinical and peer-based—that strengthen their ability to affect change and break the cycle of violence.