The Process

My process is one of passion. Each cloth is a diary; an intimately printed story camouflaged in the grit of every brush stroke & singing from beneath each pigment coated fiber. My vision is simple; to establish a vibrant housewares brand, designing products that create a tangible expression of you within your home. Energizing your most intimate spaces through bold color and print, Nisha Btesh Living was created with you in mind.

I am madly in love with new landscapes and cultures, better yet the lack of inhibition I feel exploring them. Travel inspires a renewal process in me, an inner dialogue that reveals itself as I work. Who will I be here and now? My process always begins there and eventually finds its way back to Southern California folded over a drawing table. As I muse over the places I’ve traveled and those I’ve only ever visited in my wildest dreams my hands quickly find rhythm drawing, painting, and stamping inspired shapes and images. I then transfer these designs onto a translucent film called acetate. Next I burn them onto emulsion coated silk screens, the light exposing only what's to be printed through the open mesh. The silk screens then get all gooped up with bright hues of eco friendly water based pigments. As I pull my rubber and wood squeegee firmly across the mesh screen the pressure wets the fabric beneath with the ink of my print. As the screen lifts off of the printing table the final design is revealed, heat set, and sent to our local sewing factory where our final product is realized.

By using this unorthodox printing technique my namesake line carries with it a voice unlike any other, rather than just an echo. I know that when we dare to live unlike any other, selecting the right throw pillows becomes a practice rooted in pleasure and the way we choose to dress our homes liberates us to relax in the surroundings of our own sanctuary. By introducing Nisha Btesh Living into your everyday world, you invite color, print and, design that you can trace back to hands like your own. With each NBL piece you take home you dare to live, create, and simply vow to be unlike any other.


From my hands to yours,

Nisha Btesh