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Alyson Marg Chase

Alyson Marg Chase

Alyson Marg Chase

Not just your typical Instagram Bikini Model, Alyson's resume extends far beyond beauty and booty. An eternal optimist and self made SHE-BOSS, Aly isn't backing down to model stereotypes, industry standards, or body shaming. AND she has a pet pig! Read on to learn what makes this babe brave enough to bare it all. Welcome to the Girl Gang Aly!

NBL: Hey Girrrllll. SO tell us who is Alyson Marg Chase...

AMC: I'm such an optimist... I know it sounds cliché but, I promise it's my thing. After much trial and error, life has taught me that BEING a kind hearted soul radiates onto others. That is the most unique thing about me; It is easily noticed when I meet people and get to know them.

NBL: As Brand Ambassador we've asked you to choose a charity/organization that is important to you. $5 of every bag sold under the Promo Code:ALYMARGCHASE will be donated to benefit that organization. Tell us about YOUR charity & why it's so important to you...

AMC: The charity that means the most to me is The San Diego Humane Society, an animal welfare organization dedicated to preventing animal cruelty. I am an intense animal lover. I grew up riding horses, having big and small dogs, a turtle, and now I have a pet pig. It's so important to me to be able to have a direct impact on those cute furry (and maybe not so furry?) creatures!

NBL: What words of wisdom do you have for future lady boss's just now coming up in the modeling industry? :

AMC: Roll with what you love. Fake it 'til you make it. You can and will be whatever you can possibly imagine for yourself IF you work for it, and MAKE it happen.

NBL: Ok so tell us how do YOU self love?

AMC: I pamper myself. I am a college student, pinching pennies to pay rent, afford my car, and working multiple jobs. It can get to be a lot. Comparing myself to others can play into self-judgement and being too hard on myself. Make TIME for yourself. APPRECIATE yourself. A few of my favorite basic self-love activities include: a nice meal to myself, a weekend off (YES, I deserve it!), a beach day, and of course retail therapy...

NBL: What drew you to NBL?

AMC: I saw a hot little thing at dive bar in Cardiff, CA rocking a massive glittery work of art. I started to follow NBL on Instagram, fell in love with the art and just had to be apart of this brand!

NBL: What does it mean to be a NBL Brand Ambassador?

AMC: SHE-BOSS. That about sums it up. Being a Brand Ambassador for this babelicious brand is an honor. I will proudly rock my glitzy hand bag and exude beauty, self-love, and women empowerment!

NBL: What is something most people DON'T know about you?:

AMC: I speak Spanish fluently.

NBL: What or who MOTIVATES you?

AMC: Mama Chase. She is the most hard-working and confident lady out there.

NBL: What's your Spirit Animal?

AMC: My spirit animal is for sure any large gentle kind animal. Horse and elephants.

NBL: No further questions. Boss. Babe. Certified.


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