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It's 2017 & NBL is starting a Girl Gang.

It's 2017 & NBL is starting a Girl Gang.

It's 2017 & NBL is starting a Girl Gang.

With the launch of a BRAND NEW PRODUCT LINE at NBL I find myself weighing new design concepts and product ideas against the center focus of why. Why would I make this ? Why would empowered females want to carry this product ? With the bounty of designers creating beautiful brands and goods, why would informed women choose us ?

The vision for this brand is to design for women who dare to be different. As NBL's evolves It’s important for me to communicate that our why is and always has been YOU, our forever muse. I can’t not design for you because I am you, a creature unlike any other. NBL is focused on creating intimate batches of highly individualised designs as unique and ever evolving as the women who carry them. Defining NBL as a brand that women can trace back to hands like their own is always my center focus through outt the design process. With all of that in mind I understand that you’re a hundred times different from who you were yesterday and a thousand times different from who you’re going to be tomorrow. Rest assured, at NBL I create each clutch accordingly with you in mind and trust me… I’ve got this in the bag.

As the mother of baby NBL I’m aware of the responsibility I have to raise a brand child who isn’t just wildly fierce in her exterior beauty but also to foster this brand to stand for something much larger than a product and a purchase. Heading into this new year my vision for NBL is to spend 2017 collaborating with a wide network of lady bosses in an effort to create dynamic and beautiful product. By shedding a brilliant light on the unique perspectives and aesthetics of your favorite fashion influencers, bloggers, and artists I’m excited to grow our little NBL girl gang while simultaneously giving back to our community. By donating a portion of each sale to the charities and organizations that are important to YOU we truly can make a difference (one clutch at a time) through these collaborative efforts.

I want you to know that there is nothing untouchable about NBL. Literally. From the hand painted textiles and screen printed patterns to each hand stiched bag and woven label, my hands are involved in every step of the making process. As a customer and a member of this very non exclusive “Girl Gang” I encourage you to ask questions, send emails, propose design ideas, suggest charities that matter to YOU and promote the collaborative partnerships that continue to propel this brand forward.