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About Louie

About Louie

About Louie

My inspiration for The Louie is really a three part story...

Part 1: Meet Mattie Noelle Magnuson, my best friend and the inspiration behind The Louie Clutch. Two years ago Mattie was gifted with a super unique hand painted clutch for her birthday. For two years I've watched as she rocked it with boyfriend jeans and a band T to brunch with the girls, feminine frilly rompers to concerts in the park and then BANG she'd clutch it with bright bold lips, a slip dress and platforms for date night Downtown with her beau. She even took it to work, paired it with a collared blouse, a shift dress and a power heel. This bag was literally the lady boss of clutches willing and able to take on any look and any occasion. Tattered and worn down, I thought it would be a fun idea to recreate her favorite go-to clutch using my own prints, patterns and designs and gift it to her for her 25th birthday. Three trips to LA, countless studio hours, twelve prototypes and a very belated birthday present later the first ever Louie Clutch was born, and boy did it sparkle!

Every Holiday party, business meeting and local wine bar and restaurant Mattie went babes were dying to know “WHERE did you get that clutch?!?” ALL my girlfriends had to have one… and so did their girlfriends… and so did their girlfriends. And just like that I launched The Holiday Sparkler Collection and NBL’s newest product line was OFFICIALLY brought to life. Don't worry lady babes I heard you & your prayers have been answered. Sparkly clutches for everyone!

Part 2: Meet Louie. Louie was Mattie’s best friend, and baby spoon, all 23 Weiner Dog inches of him. Louie had so much flamboyant swag he could turn a tail wag into a hair flip and a backyard hose down into an Herbal Essence commercial. Louie went to puppy heaven last year. And as anyone who’s ever loved and lost their pup child understands, the pure unconditional bliss ONLY puppy love can bring never truly dies. I named our first clutch silhouette The Louie, in honor of Mattie’s Louie. With each Louie Clutch sold the love we ALL have for OUR besties, four legged or otherwise continues to live on in infinite sparkle and shine.

Part 3: Meet Pops. Pops is Mattie’s dad. Anyone who knows pops will tell you the same thing… he has a sweet tooth the size of Mount Whitney, and like Mattie has always had a thing for Rock N’ Roll, especially Bob Dylan. Four years ago Pops was diagnosed with Early-onset Alzheimer's, a disease affecting over 200,000 people in the U.S. alone. As Americas 2011 Family Law Judicial Officer of the Year and one of San Diego's most well known and respected Family Law Judges, the news was definitely shocking but Mattie has never been the kind of babe who backed down to bad news. She continues to fight courageously by raising awareness and sharing her story. She wants anyone with a family member or friend facing this disease to know "Never forget how lucky you are. Be present, light hearted and true. Never let sadness overtake the millions of things to be happy about because if you can learn to be grateful despite your misfortune and realize how lucky you are everything just starts to fall into place". For every clutch sold, NBL is donating $5 to Hilarity for Charity. Hilarity for Charity is a movement led by Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen to inspire change and raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease amongst millennials. NBL is humbled to help and thankful for every Louie Clutch purchased.

The Louie Clutch is magnetic, just like the people and the pups it honors. I’m sharing this story with you as I hope it inspires you to share yours with others. When we walk proudly in our truth and encourage others to do the same really beautiful things begin to happen. To learn more about Alzheimer's disease and learn how you can help please visit